Download file from Google Drive

The "Windows 10 will expire soon" issue one of the biggest annoyances in Windows 10. Sometimes Windows 10 doesn't remember it has already been activated after a buggy Windows 10 feature update. I have been able to re-activate Windows 10 on student pc's by setting up Teamviewer remote sessions. Please submit a new help desk ticket and include "Windows 10 expiration problem" in the ticket subject line (Brief description of computer problem). I will be glad to set up a time to fix this for you. 

If you like to try DIY solutions, please make sure the student pc is plugged into power, you are connected to the internet and log into the Windows 10 Parent account on the student pc (Please check with the student's teacher if you need the Windows 10 Parent password). Download file from Google Drive (override security warnings). Extract the downloaded zip file (also requires Windows 10 Parent Password). 

Watch the FixWX1803Lic Video:

Step by Step:

First,  launch DisableDefender.exe (also requires parent password). After the correct password is entered, the script will run for less than a minute to temporarily disable Windows 10 Defender to allow the Windows 10 reactivation.  Here is a screen shot when DisableDefender.exe is started: 

Second, launch FixWX1803Licv3.exe and override security warning. This script opens a similar black command window, fixes a few bugs from the Windows 10 feature update causing the expiration pop up and launches Windows Toolkit 2.6.4 with EZ-Activator. 

Within a few clicks you will need to complete, Windows 10 will be reactivated. 

Here is the step by step:

1. Click on the Windows flag

2. Click on the Activation Tab

3. Click on EZ-Activator and wait 3 to five minutes 

You will know activation is successful when the Information console shows-- "product activation successful". Occasionally, activation fails and takes repeating step 3. above.


After successful reactivation, the script performs a few more housekeeping tasks, including creating a system restore point and will continue without additional user interaction rebooting two minutes after completion.

Please let me know how I can be helpful.