Watch the Howto Video: Install and use TT on SilviesRCS Windows machines

Super important-- Please log into the computer using the "Parents" account. Please check out "oops" if you are having trouble after installation. If you need any assistance, please open a help desk ticket or contact us via text or phone at 541-408-6780.

1. "Parents" account is administrator. Student1 is a standard user (Securly requirement for take home computers). Whenever applications are installed, they need "elevated" privileges. Although this elevation can be achieved by entering an administrator account password while logged into a standard user account, some files or settings might not apply properly--it depends on the installation package.

2. Open Google Chrome and sign in student email account.

3. Double click on the TT Class desktop icon and type in the corresponding Class number to install. Math 3-7 "cds" are already preloaded on student windows pc's in the following path:


Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calc class files will download from TT - Google Drive  and you will be able to install the class after the CD"s are downloaded on the computer.


4. Activate TT class by clicking the "NOT Connected to Internet" radio button.

Offline activation code 84023-21034-58392-99899:

5. Installed and activated TT class looks like this:

  • Tip: Create TT Class Virtual “CD”  Folder Shortcut—locate  the TT main folder desktop shortcut—path C:\Users\Public\Documents\TT—and create a desktop shortcut for the teaching textbook (TT)  class for your student (Figures 1-3).

Figure 10

Figure 11

Figure 12

If more than one TT class  is installed on a single computer, then the the most recently used "cd" is superseding "ejecting" the last  "cd" . Does that make sense? There is a fix for that-- Add another virtual drive (super easy). Search "Virtual Clone Drive" and open-- it's already installed-- increase the number of drives;