Please check out Teaching Textbook installation for additional information.

If you see this--

The TT "oops" popup actually means the virtual cd is not "mounted" after a reboot. The TT Parent account does not require a cd because the Parent account is not accessing media on any "CD". The Parent account is checking work, grades, etc. The TT student account access media and requires a "CD" to be in the "CD drive" aka "BD-ROM" drive. Remember these are all virtual. So, you put the fake CD into the Fake CD player. Does that make sense?

Btw--Please check out  revised TT Installation instructions and share with others if helpful.

The TT virtual CD's are located here:

Figure 4

If more than one TT is installed on a single computer, then the the most recently used "cd" is superseding "ejecting" the last  "cd" . Does that make sense? 

There is a fix for that-- Add another virtual drive (super easy). Search "Virtual Clone Drive" and open-- it's already installed-- increase the number of drives;



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