Trying to get to a school website, e.g., ABCMouse, Odysseyware, FLVS, MathSeeds, etc.-- Securly keeps coming up indicating  we need to sign in to a "securely" account?   

Securly is a new website content filtering feature for us this year. It does require the student to be logged into silvies email account during all internet activity. The steps include logging into windows > opening  browser and logging into email account whenever the the student logs onto a new network. So the first time on any changed network requires the 2nd authentication. Does that make sense?

If Securly is blocking content student needs, we can "allow" specific sites. If there are lingering problems we will work to exterminate the bugs for sure.  May we set up  a call or remote session to take a look at the specific issues? If so, these are the steps to set up a remote session via TeamViewer (installed on all student computers).

Thanks for your patience and help,