Here's a link to update both Securly and Oaks (State testing) browser:

Install Oaks Browser/Fix Securly Certificates

Download Securly certificate (see attachments below)


Here's a HowTo video: 

How to install Securly certificates (Local Machine trusted root)

Note: please log into student PC with Parent (administrator) account to install any software..



Please try the following:

1.       Double click on the “_Install_Latest_Oaks” shortcut on your desktop (fig1). It should take you to a Google drive folder with a video, instructions and app “UpdateOaksSecurlyv1.0.3.exe”(fig 2). 

2.       If you do not reach this folder, type in “” in your browser and you should get to the securly sign in screen. Click on the red “sign in using Google account” and sign in with the Silvies email user account and password. Then it will hopefully get to

3.       With the browser still open, go back to the computer desktop and try step 1 again.

4.       Download the “UpdateOaksSecurlyv1.0.3.exe”, override all warnings. The app is safe even if Google and Windows indicate otherwise (fig 3, 4).

5.       Install and reboot the computer (fig 5).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4


Figure 5