Google Read and Write is a Google Chrome browser extension available for students (with Teacher and Silvies Administrator approval only) on both Windows PC's and Chromebooks by adding to chrome via Chrome web store (figs 1, 2):

fig 1

fig 2

fig 3

After the trial period-- subscription cost info $145/year-- If Silvies does not already have an enterprise license for multiple users, I recommend the student email be used to enroll because this is a student license (fig 4). 

fig 4

I can help student search and install the extension via remote

If you have a Windows PC:
If you can, please log into the computer under the Parent account (admin) Password is Password2020! Connect to your home wifi--then in a browser, go to session, download and launch the screenconnect app for me to remote in (fig 5).
 fig 5
If you have a Chromebook:
Connect to your home wifi--then in a browser, go to start a session, and text or call me with the access code for the session (fig 6).
fig 6
 If you need help with any of these parts, please reply me with your phone number and I will be glad to walk through the process.
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